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Where To Wear Your Pheromones

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When you get your order of pheromones shipped to you, you will be excited to go out and give it all a test drive in your effort to attract women and start dating more. But be careful, you can't just wear pheromones anywhere!

Pheromones are pretty powerful natural tools that tap into a feeling of sexual attraction between two people. They are without scent, so you can still use your own cologne.

You can wear them but you can't control them. For example, if you brush up against a stranger, you may attract her without even meaning to.

And then you have to deal with that. It can make for some sticky situations if you are not careful. You can be a quick-thinker, you can be sincere, and you can make women laugh. If you can do all three, you're golden,

Where to wear your pheromones

If you are going to wear pheromones to attract women, then you need to seriously think about the kind of women you want to attract and then work from there. You could end up spending a lot of time fending off inappropriate women if you are not careful.

Think about wearing your pheromones at the library, in the garden, etc., if you want to attract women who are intelligent or active gardeners. If sports are more your thing, then wear your pheromones to the gym or to a sporting event. 

Put some thought into it because you can't control it. Just like natural attraction, you can't really choose who falls for you. Pheromones can help but they're still just a tool, not a magic wand.

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You can't control it

Pheromones could waft away on the wind and end up affecting women unintentionally. So watch for things like this and be prepared to think on your feet. Maybe skip the pheromones on windy days. Or stick with wearing them inside more than outside.

This is why it is so important to think about where you are wearing pheromones. You can certainly set in motion unintended consequences, especially if it is one woman in particular that you are trying to impress and attract. 

Be positive

While you are waiting for the pheromones to work, you should be yourself and be consistent. Pheromones don't smell like anything at all so don't be all mopy and bummed out if you don't smell anything.

You're not supposed do; just read on for more information. As you can see, you really need to give some thought as to where you are going to wear your pheromones. This is not the kind of thing you spray on blind and walk out the door.

You may end up attracting women who you are not interested in. You may also end up attracting more women that you know what to do with.

In that event, you'll need to let some of them down easy, but it isn't going to feel good, for them or for you. So just avoid all that and wear your pheromones right the first time.

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