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Be Responsible With Your Use Of Pheromones

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When you are using pheromones to attract women, you need to use them responsibly. It's not fair to the women you are interested in dating when you don't.

If you think about it, there are several points to be made about using pheromones ethically and responsibly. Read on for more. 

Pheromones can be powerful

Pheromones are naturally-occurring chemicals that elicit a particular reaction from others of the same species.

Put in more layman's terms, if you're a guy and you use pheromones with the women that you want to date, you may find an increased sexual attraction between the two of you. 

Pheromones can be worn like cologne. They are without scent, so the women you are interested in dating won't have any idea. You can still wear your own cologne and it won't interfere at all. 

Since pheromones could be so powerful, you need to be careful of where you wear them. Since they can waft away on your cologne, then the whole house can suffer.

You can't control pheromones

When you are wearing pheromones, you can't exactly control them. They are worn by you like cologne and the smell is picked up by the women around you, whether they -- and you -- realize it or not.

So you need to make sure that wherever you are wearing pheromones, you are okay with increased attention. Anywhere that you will be in close quarters, you run the risk of women being attracted to you by the pheromones that you are giving off.

Think Laundromats, bars, movie theatres, work, etc. If you are trying to attract women responsibly then you will be aware of this and mindful of this before wearing pheromones. 

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Don't wear pheromones where you don't want to attract women

If you are serious about using pheromones, you should not wear pheromones any place where you are not interested in attracting women you might want to date.

You see, just "testing out" your new pheromone spray or gel is plain irresponsible; you'd be attracting people you have no interested serious about getting involved in. This isn't playtime.

Wearing pheromones isn't child's game and if you are playing games with it, you are only going to get burned. You'll have unhappy women around and you won't have a social life any longer and things will just be a mess.

A mess of your own making here. You'll have lots of explaining to do and lots of having to let women down gently.

So you see, if you are serious about using pheromones to attract women, then you need to do so responsibly in order to make the most of this powerful dating tool.

Pheromones can be imprecise and if you wear them at the wrong place at the wrong time, you could find yourself attracting the wrong kind of girl. 

Sexual attraction is a powerful thing so don't tempt women you have no intention of dating. When you are wearing pheromones, you can't exactly pinpoint who's smelling them and what kind effect you're having.

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