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If you are having trouble dating and want to know more about how to attract women, you may be considering pheromones.

Pheromones are an all-natural chemical that prompts a physical reaction in others. In this specific example, men would wear a pheromone-based application and the reaction would be a sexual attraction from the women around them. 

So if you wanted to know how to attract women and improve your dating life with pheromones, what should you do? It's really pretty easy to gather information about pheromones and dating and how to attract women. Read on for some more ideas.

Look online

If you are interested in using pheromones to improve your dating strategy then you can turn to the Internet for more information.

If you do an Internet search for the keywords of dating, how to attract women, and pheromones, you'll get a very large number of results. 

You will find company websites selling pheromone-based products, you will find websites sponsored by companies and by individuals as well as news and magazine articles and blog postings about pheromones and how to attract women. 

If you are looking at pheromone company websites for information about these products can have a positive impact on your dating life, you should take this information with a grain of salt; remember, they are trying to sell you something.

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To combat this, make a list of any questions that you have and contact the company directly to get those answered. 

That way, you can be sure that you will have received enough details about pheromones and how it may help you to attract women so that you can make an educated decision. 

If you are looking at blogs, newspaper articles or magazine articles that are about how to attract women and refer to pheromones, look at who wrote the piece and who the target audience is to judge if this is a biased piece or not, if there is a definite slant.

Use your judgment in deciding how useful and valuable this information is. 

Ask around

If you have close and open communications with friends and acquaintances, you may be able to steer the locker room talk to how to attract women and dating and pheromones.

If you are successfully able to do this, you may get very valuable real-world advice and first person experiences about using pheromones for dating and attracting women. You can also turn to online message boards for help.

While it is always possible that a poster who raves about pheromones may be paid to post these comments, you are just as likely to find a real person writing about his real-world experiences in using pheromones to attract women and improve his dating life. 

So you see, if you are interested in using pheromones to attract women and improve your dating life, you can turn to several different sources for information. The thing to remember is to fact check and verify the source. 

If the person who did the writing is reputable, you are more likely to be able to rely on that information.

If the person who did the writing has an obvious bias, then you might not want to put as much faith in that information; he or she clearly has an agenda. Good luck.!

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