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Try Pheromones To Attract Women

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If you're an active dater or not so active dater and want to know how to attract women, you may be feeling frustrated that your typical strategies are not working.

You have always thought of yourself as a stand-up guy, one who is a gentleman and show the ladies a nice time. So why haven't you met nice girls? Why isn't there a girl who'll stick around?

You have always thought that you knew how to attract women. You watched older brothers, friends, and cousins snap up hot girls right away, with what always seemed like almost no effort at all. 

You ask them out, you spend time dating them, taking them nice places, opening doors and such and you end up with girls who just want to be friends.

Maybe it isn't your technique in how to attract women or your technique in dating. It's a matter of simple chemistry. The chemistry between you and the women you want to date just isn't there. It happens.

So what's a guy to do? How to attract women then? Well, have you heard of pheromones? Pheromones could do wonders for your chemistry.

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What are pheromones and how do they work?

Pheromones are chemicals that are secreted by your body that are intended to prompt a particular reaction in another person. In this case, it would be pheromones that prompt a sexual attraction between you and the women that you are dating. 

There are companies that make liquid applications that include pheromones in them, like after shaves or colognes.

These can be worn along with your usual cologne and your usual after shave as these pheromone-based products have no scent. They are virtually undetectable by anyone at all.

If you are going to wear a pheromone based product before you head out for a night of dating with the intention of how to attract women, you would do well to probably shower first and then apply the pheromone, however you should always follow the instructions that go along with the product first. 

That way, you'll have washed away any competing scents plus, if you wait until just before you go out, the pheromone will be as fresh as it can possibly be.

If you were to apply your pheromone early in the day, some of it may wear off by the time you meet that special woman at night. 

In conclusion, you might to try pheromones

If you are not having a lot of success with attracting women and dating well, then you might want to try pheromones. Pheromones are easy to use and can be worn with your preferred cologne or after shave.

These undetectable chemicals that are specially blended to solicit a particular reaction can make the difference in attracting women. Pheromones are easy to use and easy to get and easy to afford. They are subtle and good for the soft sell as compared with a really obtrusive and heavy-handed tactics.

So if you're not having much success attracting women with what you are doing, then try something different and look into pheromones.

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